Scrubber dryers for industrial cleaning machines

A complete range of professional scrubbing machines

Omm Lavapavimenti produces a complete range of professional scrubbing machines capable of cleaning either very small surfaces or very large ones. The experience and specialisation built up in more than 40 years of activity have allowed OMM Lavapavimenti to develop very innovative machines.

There are 2 types of scrubbers, which you can select according to your needs:

  • Walk-behind. Or pedestrian machines. The operator pushes the scrubber (manual type) or drives it by engaging a drive motor (self-driven type.) Pedestrian scrubbers are quite economical, simple to use and service, handy in narrow spaces, and are usually recommended for areas up to 4 - 5.000 sq\mt.
  • Ride-on scrubbers. They are larger machines and the operator sits on them. They are usually recommended for larger areas (4000\5000 sq\mt upwards) as they boast a larger scrubber path, a higher operational speed and a bigger dirt container.

The principle characteristics of professional scrubbing machines are:

  • Galvanized sheet steel bodywork formed to give maximum strenght at minimum weight;
  • Reinforced polyethylene chassis in an elegant and indestructible design;
  • Base in sheet thick 30/10 mm with polyethylene cover;
  • Polyethylene tanks resistant to battery chemicals and to the most widely diffused industrial solvents;
  • Polyurethane coated wheels;
  • Reduction motor for brushes with lifetime lubrification;
  • Differential motor for adavncement lubricated to life;
  • By Pass suction motor for liquids;
  • Ergonomic control panel with protected switches;
  • Nylon drying blade with para rubber wiper.

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