Scrubber dryers for industrial cleaning machines

The strengths of the wide range of products OMM scrubber dryers

The strengths of the wide range of products OMM scrubber dryers are:

  • cleaning environments of any size;
  • quality materials and components;
  • high reliability and durability;
  • low cost (both purchase and operating);
  • significant performance and/or autonomy;
  • simple use and high maneuverability;
  • easy maintenance operations;
  • high safety standards;
  • reduced noise.

OMM scrubbers also offers a complete and continuous after sales service:

  • support;
  • staff training;
  • scheduled maintenance programs.

Why choosing a OMM Lavapavimenti product?

Over time scrubber value

Thanks to the technical solutions, materials and processes adopted, OMM machines are recognised on the market as products keeping a high value over time, even if used heavily during their life cycle. The OMM product is a synonym for reliability.

Far-reaching range

Whatever your indoor or outdoor floor cleaning needs, you'll always find a OMM machine right for you. A rich array of models satisfying the most varied cleaning needs. OMM has always been a global supplier to the cleaning professional, a user both skilled and demanding who has always seen in OMM a perfect partner to work with greatest competence.

Scrubber compact volumes

OMM scrubbing machines feature a very innovative design which has allowed work on the volumes, giving rise to very compact and highly performing machines.

Ease of use

Machines also designed for non-skilled operators. Anyone can use OMM machines! The instrument panels are built with maximum ergonomics. All the commands are within easy reach: from speed adjustment to water and detergent dosing system control commands. Everything with ease in mind!

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