Scrubber dryers for industrial cleaning machines

What is a scrubber-dryer and how does it work?

Scrubbing machines are recommended for washing and drying indoor floors. You can also clean even, non-abrasive outdoor surfaces. They're mainly used for regular maintenance cleaning, but can also perform deep-down or special cleaning (when adapted for this function).

Floor cleaning takes up about 54% of overall cleaning time.
On the other hand the floor represents important aspects of the comfort of an environment:

  • The aesthetic aspect linked to cleaning and to its finishing
  • The safety aspect linked to a floor slipperiness
  • The hygiene aspect linked to cleaning and sanitation

These observations gave rise to the need to mechanise floor-cleaning, with the aims of:

  • Reducing floor-cleaning times
  • Making the floor immediately usable

The automatic scrubbing machines were designed to satisfy these aims. In one single operation, they Wash, dry and sanitise the floor, leaving the surface completely dry.

The machine consists of:

  • A washing unit with one, to or up to four disc or roller brushes, activated by electric motors using water and detergent to remove the dirt.
  • A collection and suction system for floor dirty water (squeegee)
  • Water and detergent deposits (also called solution) and recovery deposits (dirty water)
  • A control and driving system
  • The machines can be powered with a battery (or batteries), cable-powered (mains) or, for the largest models, with petrol or diesel motors
  • The operator can use the machines walking (walk-behind scrubbing machines) or sitting on them (ride-on scrubbing machines).

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